OSVA, since 1967, hot forging

Equipped to produce 20.000 tons/year of forged products, ranging from 0,5 to 80 Kg.

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Osva, hot forging steel
Osva acquired international reputation constantly improving productivity and quality.
Hot Forging

We hot forge steel into mechanical components for various sectors.

Customized products

Customized products we design and manufacture products following customer specifications.

International certifications

We stick to precise criteria to guarantee high quality standards.

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Total Area 20000 m2 Covered Area 5000 m2

Quantity produced

Capability installed to produce finished and semifinished parts from 0,5 to 80 Kg.


Forging lines up to 4000 tons. Hot extrusion up to 600mm. Control Cooling.


International awards: ISO 9001:2015,
IATF 16949:2016

International reputation and robust production process

These are the strenghts of OSVA, leading company in steel forging.

OSVA s.r.l. is active in hot forging since 1967. The international reputation has contribuited to improve both productivity and quality. Today our company suppliers forged components in line with the latest automotive "just in time" practices.

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